O U R S T O R Y.


S T O R Y 

It comes down to that scratch that always needs itching, the hunger to create! Bay | 6ix is shaped by experiences that we have had in our lives and from the road. It defines what we stand for and a reminder to always keep it simple! 


M I S S I O N 

We are constantly striving hard to improve our products, our process, and ourselves. This is our pursuit to produce the best possible clothing that we can and put it out to the world!


F A C I L I T I E S 

Every great brand has a back bone. We work with one of the best print specialists in the UK and use sustainable materials for most of our products. Such as are organic cotton for our T-shirts & Hoodies. Created in the 🇬🇧💯


This is just the beginning of a wild ride, we would love it if you joined the Bay6ix Squad
Contact us: hello@bay6ix.com